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Lesson: Cain and Abel Grades 1 and 2

Create an altar by draping a bedsheet or blanket over a table. Lay real or artificial fruits and vegetables on the altar. Also lay a stuffed sheep or a picture of a sheep on the altar. Place a candle on each side of the altar. With the older kids, you may want to light the candles.

*Bible Activity: Win or Lose-Form two groups. Have groups compete in a Tug-of-War, using a rope. Afterward, *ask: How did it feel to compete with one another? How do you compete with your brothers and sisters?

Read aloud Genesis 4:1-16.

*Ask: What attitudes did Cain and Abel have toward God? toward each other? What did Cain do wrong? What would've been a better way for Cain to handle his anger? How do you handle your anger toward family members?

*Craft: Happy/Sad-Give each child a paper plate, a tongue depressor a marker and glue. Have kids each draw a happy face and an angry face on opposite sides of the paper plate and glue on the stick as a handle.

Reread the scripture, having kids show the side of the plate that represents Cain or Abel when their names are read. Afterward, have children show either side of the plate and tell about a time their feelings matched that face.

You'll need: Broken heart-shape sugar cookies, icing and blunt knives.

Directions: *Say: When we quarrel with family members, it feels like our hearts are breaking. But we can mend broken hearts with the "icing" of love and kind words.

Have children mend their cookies with frosting and eat them.

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell

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