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Lesson: Cain and Abel Grades 3 and 4

Create an altar by draping a bedsheet or blanket over a table. Lay real or artificial fruits and vegetables on the altar. Also lay a stuffed sheep or a picture of a sheep on the altar. Place a candle on each side of the altar. With the older kids, you may want to light the candles.

*Bible Activity: Don't Lose It-Read aloud Genesis 4:1-16.

*Ask: Why did Cain kill Abel? What could Cain have done to control his anger? How difficult is it to have self-control?

Form a circle. Select one child to be "It." Have It kneel in front of a child and begin to "ba-a-a" like a sheep. That child must pat It on the head three times saying "poor lamb" each time without smiling. If the child smiles, he or she becomes the poor lamb.

After five minutes, talk about how hard it was to have self-control. Let those who were successful share how they controlled themselves.

*Craft: Amazing Control-Give each child a box lid with sides, chenille wire, glue and a marble. Have children glue the chenille wire on the inside bottom of the box lid in the form of channels for a maze. Remind kids to create some dead ends. After the mazes are done, have children each place their marble in the box and tilt the box to move the marble through the maze. Compliment kids who use self-control in this activity.


You'll need: Broken heart-shape sugar cookies, icing and blunt knives.

Directions: *Say: When we quarrel with family members, it feels like our hearts are breaking. But we can mend broken hearts with the "icing" of love and kind words.

Have children mend their cookies with frosting and eat them.

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell

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