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Lesson: Cooperation Grades 1 to 2

Use these activities to spice up your lessons. Just replace not-so-exciting activities or add these to a lesson to capture your kids' attention.

Bible Activity: A Helping Hand-Give kids three bedsheets, chairs and clothespins. Have them create a house with a hole in it to lower something in to. Afterward, have the children use a blanket to lower an object into the house.

Emphasize that it took cooperation to accomplish their task. Read aloud Mark 2:1-5. Discuss the cooperation in the scripture and how it compares to kids' cooperation in this activity.

Craft: Cooperative Mural-Tape several sheets of newsprint to a wall from the floor up to the ceiling. Have children draw the Bible story using finger paints. As they work, point out instances of cooperation.

You'll need: sandwich ingredients, blunt knives, plates and napkins.

Directions: Line up ingredients on a table at the children's level. Assign a child or two to each ingredient. Or assign more than one ingredient to a child. Have children work together in this assembly line to make sandwiches. Cut sandwiches into fourths, and let kids enjoy their cooperative efforts.

Plan a special visit to a nursing home. Have kids work together to plan a program that includes singing, prayer, a Bible story and a simple craft. Prepare refreshments together. As kids cooperate, compliment them on how well they're working together.

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell

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