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Lesson: Cooperation Grades 3 to 4

Use these activities to spice up your lessons. Just replace not-so-exciting activities or add these to a lesson to capture your kids' attention.

Bible Activity: Buddy Builders-Have children work together to build a wall, with each child using only one hand and one domino.

Ask: How did you feel as you built this wall? How did you help build the wall?

Read aloud 1 Peter 2:4-6.

Ask: Why is your "stone" important to the wall? Why was it important that everyone cooperate or work together? How can you cooperate with others this week?

Craft: Rolling Stone-Form groups of three. Give each child a small stone. Set out different-color containers of tempera paint and toothpicks. Have group members take turns rolling each other's stone in the paint and scratching designs to create beautiful stones. Have kids take home their stones as a reminder to cooperate.

You'll need: sandwich ingredients, blunt knives, plates and napkins.

Directions: Line up ingredients on a table at the children's level. Assign a child or two to each ingredient. Or assign more than one ingredient to a child. Have children work together in this assembly line to make sandwiches. Cut sandwiches into fourths, and let kids enjoy their cooperative efforts.

Plan a special visit to a nursing home. Have kids work together to plan a program that includes singing, prayer, a Bible story and a simple craft. Prepare refreshments together. As kids cooperate, compliment them on how well they're working together.

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell


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