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Ideas on Cooperation

Use these activities to spice up your lessons. Just replace not-so-exciting activities or add these to a lesson to capture your kids' attention.

Bible Activity: Working Together-Teach children these words to the tune of "Here We Are Together": When we work together, together, together, When we work together, we'll find everyone.

Choose one player to be "It." Have all the other children hide. It looks until he or she finds one friend. They join hands in a circle and sing, "When We Work Together." Now they're both It. Each It finds one friend. The four join hands, circle and sing. Continue until all children are found.

Craft: Made by Everybunny-Read aloud the first line of Ecclesiastes 4:9. Then say: We're going to work together today to make something special for each of us. We're going to cooperate.

Form the following six work stations with children divided evenly at the stations. Begin the craft at station 1 and pass it on to the next numbered station. The stations: (1) Roll up a 6x6-inch fabric scrap; (2) Secure a rubber band at the center; (3) Tie a 12-inch ribbon over the rubber band; (4) Glue wriggly eyes to the upper part of the scrap; (5) Glue on a 1/2-inch black pompom nose just above the ribbon; and (6) Glue a cotton ball to the back of the bottom area.

Afterward, tie a bunny to each child's wrist, using the excess ribbon. Each time, say: You worked together to make this bunny. You cooperated.

You'll need: sandwich ingredients, blunt knives, plates and napkins.

Directions: Line up ingredients on a table at the children's level. Assign a child or two to each ingredient. Or assign more than one ingredient to a child. Have children work together in this assembly line to make sandwiches. Cut sandwiches into fourths, and let kids enjoy their cooperative efforts.

Plan a special visit to a nursing home. Have kids work together to plan a program that includes singing, prayer, a Bible story and a simple craft. Prepare refreshments together. As kids cooperate, compliment them on how well they're working together.

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell

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