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Lesson: No Hiding Place

*Theme: Confession

*Text: Genesis 3:1-13

*Preparation: Bring a cover such as a large tarp, a sheet, or a parachute.

*The Message: Let's see if we can hide from God. I've brought something I think might help us do that. (Get beneath the cover with the kids.)

Have we hidden from God? Can God see us under here? Why or why not?

We can't hide from God; he can see us anywhere we go or anywhere we hide. (Remove the cover and read the Scripture.)

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they tried to hide themselves from God. Have you ever done anything bad and then tried to hide? Do you think God wants us to hide from him when we do something wrong? What does God want us to do when we do something wrong?

God knows when we do something wrong, but he wants us to talk to him about it and not hide. God doesn't want to punish us. God wants to forgive us and help us change. When we talk to God in prayer and don't hide, God can help us grow to be stronger Christians.

Let's pray. Thank you, God, for knowing everything about us. Help us talk to you when we do something wrong so you can forgive us. Amen.


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