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Let It Snow

Mary J. Davis


Snowman Offering Banks

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Powdered soft drink containers with lids, white spray paint, a craft knife, markers, felt, and glue

Before class, spray paint the containers white and allow to dry. Use a craft knife to cut a slit for coins in the lid or in the plastic container, whichever is easier to cut.

Give each child a prepared container. Have the children use markers, felt scraps, and glue to decorate their snowmen. Encourage the children to use the banks to save their money to bring for offering.

You might want to use the banks as a special missionary offering promotion.

Bird Treats

Age Level: Kindergarten through elementary

Materials: Popcorn snowmen ingredients listed on page 111, birdseed, and mesh produce bags

Have children form a snowball from the Popcorn Snowman mixture. Roll the popcorn balls in birdseed.

Put each ball inside a mesh bag. Tell the children to set their bird treats in a tree at home to share with God's winged creatures.

Sharing Snowman

Age Level: All ages

Materials: A barrel or large trash can, white paper, construction paper, scissors, and glue

Use a friendly character to boost a winter food or clothing drive. Cover a barrel or large trash can with white paper. Cut out construction paper snowman features and glue them on. Make a sign for the snowman to hold that says, "Please share." 

Publish announcements in your bulletins and newsletters, and have classroom teachers explain the snowman to the children. Try to fill the barrel with clothing or nonperishable food to share with a local food pantry or to give to needy families in your church.


God's Marvelous Season

Age Level: All ages

Materials: Blue background paper, white paper or tag board, cotton stuffing, staplers, scissors, white paper circles or coffee filters, markers, and optional spray snow

Cover a bulletin board with blue background paper. Write this heading on white paper or tag board: "God does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth' Job 37:5-6."

Have children fold each paper circle or coffee filter into quarters, then again once or twice. Children can cut squares, diamonds, triangles, or moon shapes from the folded edges. Then have the children unfold the circles to reveal the beautiful snowflakes they've made.

After children write their names on their snowflakes, attach snowflakes to the bulletin board. Add a snow effect to the bulletin board by stapling cotton stuffing to the bottom edge of the display. You may also wish to use spray snow to add to your God's Marvelous Season bulletin board.



Make a "heartwarmer" packet for each person on your team. Tie a pretty ribbon around an envelope of cocoa mix. Add a tag that says, "Your willingness to serve warms our hearts."

Shining Lights

Use white taper candles for this teacher-appreciation gift. Have kids glue wiggle eyes and a felt mouth, nose, buttons, and a hat to the top half of the cellophane-wrapped candle. Tie a tag to the middle of the snowman taper that says: "Your light will shine for many years through the children you're touching now." cm

Mary J. Davis has been in children's ministry for more than three decades and lives in Marshalltown, Iowa.

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