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Let's Pray!

A Caring Prayer
Gather family members in a circle. Hand your child a baby doll wrapped in a small blanket. Tell each member to gently pass the doll to the person sitting to the right and say a prayer. Have each person pray the following prayer as he or she passes the baby doll.

Thank you, god, for sending Jesus. We love you! In Jesus name, amen.

New Ways to Pray
Gather your family, and crowd under a table, into a closet, or in another small area of your home. While you're there, pray a close-together prayer, thanking God for sending Jesus into a crowded world.

Bring out any Christmas cards you received or are about to send. Encourage your children to pray for the friends of yours that need to know Jesus, the promised Sav-ior. For your friends who are already believers, have your children pray that God will teach them something new about his love.

Sit outside with your child on a clear, starry night, and try to find the brightest star. Join hands and pray that God will guide you closer to him each day.

A Snuggle Prayer
Bring in a soft baby blanket that has an edging that is made from different material from the blanket itself. For example, it might have a silky edge. Allow children to touch the material to their hands, arms, legs, and faces. Discuss which piece is softest. Which one is prettiest? Ask children which one might have made a good blanket for baby Jesus to snuggle. Remind children how Mary wrapped her baby in a blanket to keep him warm. Then let kids again take turns holding the blanket saying:

Dear God,
Thank you for sending Jesus to be born.

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