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Letter to Parents On Separation Anxiety

Dear Preschool Parents,

Leaving your children in the care of other adults, even at church, can be difficult. Most children adjust quickly, and although they may be upset when you drop them off, they quickly settle down and enjoy the activities and the friendship of other children their age.

Separation anxiety can hit parents, too. It's hard to watch your child leave, even just for a Sunday school class. It's especially hard if your child seems upset. But raising children is about helping them to eventually become independent from us and dependent on God.

Your child takes his or her cues about going to Sunday school from you. If you're upset about leaving your child, your child is likely to be upset, too. Please help make your child's separation more successful by:

• Being positive about the ministry program

• Saying goodbye and leaving quickly instead of lingering

• Never sneaking out

• Telling your child you'll be back.

• Letting your child cry for a little bit (Crying is a normal reaction and we'll work to redirect and comfort your child.)


If you child is extremely upset, we'll call you or come and get you. Remember, no matter where you are, your child is always in the hands of God.




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