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Listen for God


Kids can learn to be more aware of God's voice in their lives with this giggle-inducing activity. You'll need something to hide behind, such as a desk, card table, or cardboard box.

Ask for one volunteer to sit behind the barrier with his or her back to the class. Then have the rest of the class say one word-"hello"-one by one; after that, kids must be totally silent. Walk through the class and tap a child on the head. That child repeats the word "hello."

The child behind the barrier must guess who's speaking to him or her as each child is tapped. When he or she guesses correctly, another child has a turn behind the barrier. If a child is having a very difficult time guessing, say "hello" yourself, and the child will almost certainly guess correctly!

Once everyone has had a chance, talk about how reading the Bible helps us learn to listen for God, too. Ask kids to listen for God during the week, then discuss their experiences in your next class.

Rose Goble
Winamac, Indiana

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