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Look Who's Coming | The Easter Path

Carmen Kamrath


Theme: Party

Host: Circus Ringmaster

Materials: Party decorations such as balloons and streamers, old coats, green construction paper strips, wooden paint stir sticks, glue sticks, permanent markers, and a Bible

The Scene: Decorate this station with party decorations. Lay coats on the floor to create a path through the room or designated space. Place green construction paper strips, wooden paint stir sticks, glue sticks, and permanent markers near the station entrance.

Experience: As families enter the station, have them tell each other things they celebrate about one another, such as good grades, talents, or accomplishments. Then have them cheer for their family.

Afterward, ask: How did it feel to have people celebrate you? How did it feel to celebrate others?

Say: The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday because people waved palm branches to celebrate Jesus as he arrived in Jerusalem. They also showed their excitement by shouting and singing.

Have families write things their family celebrates on several strips of green paper. Then have them glue the paper strips to the paint sticks to create a palm branch. Set aside to dry.

Have families sit along the coat path. Then read aloud Luke 19:28-38.

Ask: How do you think the people felt when Jesus came to town? How would it have felt to celebrate Jesus on that first Palm Sunday? When have you been excited? How did you show your excitement? How would you show your excitement if Jesus came to town?

Say: Let's try some of those ways right now to celebrate Jesus.

Lead families in the ways they mentioned.

Then say: Many in Jerusalem celebrated Jesus' arrival that day, but there were others who were plotting his death. As you move to the next station, wave your palm branches, shout praises to Jesus, and celebrate Easter.

Excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine.

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