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Mothers Appreciation Luncheon

Children's Ministry Magazine

For Mother's Day, our children honored their mothers with a Saturday luncheon. Children from kindergarten up each chose their mother, aunt, grandmother, or another special woman to invite to the luncheon.

Kids made their invitations. Our kids actually grew plants in Sunday school, wrote the invitations on tongue depressors, and inserted them into each plant's soil. They gave these fun invitations to their guests two weeks in advance.

In their classes, kids each made their own and their guest's placemat. We had kids use special fabric crayons to make pictures on lightweight typing paper. Then we ironed the picture onto rectangles of pink cotton fabric. The paper pictures the children made served as their placemats, and the cloth ones were for their guests. Guests also took their placemats home as special gifts.

The night before the luncheon, children of all ages helped prepare the meal. Here's a sample menu: tuna salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad, muffins, sherbet, and punch.

At the luncheon, we had group singing and then we ate. It's helpful to have adult volunteers serve, so children can enjoy their guests. Then we had more group singing, an object lesson, and games for everyone to play. As a closing prayer of thanks, we asked children to each stand and tell why they love their guest or one thing that's special about their guest.

-- Chris Daniel Lakeland, Florida


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