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Mother's Day Ideas

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Mother's Day Hats

For Mother's Day, our kids made a special craft for their mothers.

I purchased different styles and sizes of straw hats for $1 each. (I made sure I had enough hats for each mom represented in my class.) I asked ladies for donations of spare ribbons, silk flowers, buttons, fabric, and any other sewing notions that could be used to decorate a hat.

Our children each carefully chose from the decorations to design a hat for their mom. Many of them chose the flowers and colors their moms liked best. Once children decided where they wanted each item placed, they took the hats to one of the four "glue stations" where an adult secured the items with a hot-glue gun.

We added a card to each hat that said, "Hats off to you, Mom!" This activity was a hit with our moms and kids.

Dawn Coleman
Brea, California

Give Mom A Hand

Theme: Mother's Day Text: Proverbs 31:28-31
Preparation: In a box or paper sack, place different kinds of gloves. You'll also need a Bible.
The Message: (Read the Scripture.)

What does this verse tell us to do? God tells us to praise our moms and say great things about them so everyone will know how terrific they are! Today, we'll give our moms a special hand. Gloves are good for lots of things. Let's see how these gloves help us. (Give each child at least one glove.) Hold up your glove and tell how it reminds you of things your mom does. Our moms sure do a lot of different things! (Collect the gloves.)

Let's pray. Dear God, thanks for our moms who work, play, clean, cook, and love us with their hands. Show us how to honor them every day. Amen.

Now, let's use our hands to praise our moms! (Lead kids in applauding for their mothers.)

Confetti Sun-catcher

Your preschoolers will enjoy making these special cards for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Help children fold a sheet of construction paper widthwise to make a card. With the card folded, draw a heart in the center of the card and help children cut out the heart shape through both thicknesses. Have children each unfold their card to reveal a heart-shaped "window" on each half.

With the inside of the open card face up, have children outline each window with a line of glue and cover each window with a square of wax paper cut slightly larger than the heart opening.

Have children cut or tear colored tissue paper into tiny chips or strips and carefully lay them on top of one of their windows. Do not glue the tissue paper to the wax paper.

Once more, have the children carefully outline one heart with glue. Keeping the tissue chips inside the window, help them each fold the top half of their card onto the glued half and seal the two halves together.

Punch two holes in the top of each card and thread an 8-inch length of yarn through the holes. Tie knots in each end of the yarn toward the back of the card. On the front of the completed confetti sun-catchers, help children write messages to their parents, such as "I love you. Happy Mother's Day!"

Parents can hang their cards in front of a window to catch the sunlight.

Deborah Mann
Sedalia, Missouri

Flowers For Someone Special

Preschoolers will take pleasure in giving these flowers for Mother's Day.

You'll need large macrame beads, small silk flowers and Play-Doh.

Have children each select a bead and silk flowers. Then help them each fill their beads with Play-Doh. Afterward, help them stick their flowers' stems into the Play-Doh in their beads.

The bead becomes the vase for the flowers. Encourage children each to give their gift to Mom for Mother's Day.

Paula Jo Logan
New Stanton, Pennsylvania

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