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My Father's Tie

Reader Submitted

Remember the important role that our eartly father's play in our lives with this hands-on Bible activity.

Stuff you'll need: Construction paper, scissors, a hole punch, yarn and markers.

Tell kids to make a creative Father's Day card for their father, grandfather or favorite adult male.

  • Cut a tie shape from construction paper.
  • Decorate your tie to look like the kind of tie your father wears. On the back, write a note to your father to wish him "Happy Father's Day."
  • Punch two holes in the top of the tie.
  • Thread a 15-inch piece of yarn through the two holes and tie the two ends together in a knot. Make sure the yarn is large enough to fit around a man's head.

Talk Teasers:

In Exodus 20:12, God tells us to "honor your father." Honor means to respect, listen to and obey. Giving your father a special gift is one way to honor him. What are some other ways you can honor your father on Father's Day? What's one thing you'll do for your father today to honor him? In Psalm 103:13, God says he's like a father who's kind to his children. Let's wish God "Happy Father's Day" also by thanking him for giving us our fathers.

Charlotte Lesko
Oakfield, New York

Best For Grades K-3


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