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Nativity Affirmation


Here's a simple way to affirm volunteers during Christmas parties or training times.

Explain that your group is going to step into the nativity rather than justreading about it. Form pairs, and give each pair a Bible to read Matthew 1:18-2:12.

Afterward, gather everyone's attention. Say: You'll introduce your partner to the entire group and using affirming words, explain how your partner is like one of the people or objects in the nativity passages.

The first pair steps forward into the imaginary Nativity scene. Each partner tells how the other person is like someone or something in the nativity passages. For example, "This is Joan. She's like the Magi in Matthew because she shows amazing wisdom leading kids." or "This is Dave, who's bright like the star in Luke because of his compassion ."

Continue until all pairs have physically joined the nativity.


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