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Nursery: Mirror Activities

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Using a mirror in the nursery is a great way for infants and toddlers to develop an awareness of themselves and others. Try these entertaining ideas to help little ones discover themselves and God's love.

Age Level Insights: 0 to 2...

  • Who's That? -- Place a baby on your lap in front of the mirror and point to his or her reflection. Ask: Who's that? Then say: That's baby's name, and Jesus loves baby's name so much!
  • Hide and Seek -- Place a baby with an object in front of the mirror and say: See baby's name and the object's name? Then pull the object out of sight, then back into view. This will strengthen a baby's observation skills.
  • God Made You -- As a baby views his or her reflection in a mirror, point out different parts of the body and say that God made them. Say: God made your toes! and wiggle the baby's toes. Or God made your hands! then clap the baby's hands together.


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