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Once Upon a Christmas

Sue Lennartson


A Heavenly Announcement

A band of angels joined together to make one of the most important announcements ever proclaimed-the Savior of the world was born! Families in this room will make angel ornaments, practice "Angels We Have Heard On High," and prepare their part of the story about the good news the angels delivered on that glorious night.

Chenille Angels

What you'll need:
To make each angel, you'll need ¼ length of one gold metallic chenille wire, ½ length of one white chenille wire, two bumps from one chenille craft bump stem (any color), and one large craft bead.

What families do: Fold the gold and white chenille wires in half, then interlock the two. Push the white chenille wire through the bead until the interlocked area is hidden. Push the ends of the white chenille wire back into the bead to form wings. Form a halo with the gold chenille wire. Fold the bump stem in half and push the folded end into the bottom of the bead. Form the angel's body by folding the ends of the bump stem together.

Sound the Trumpets

The angel can practice this interactive story with families. Encourage families to join the angel on stage to help lead the audience in the announcement the angels made the night Jesus was born.

Angel: My friends and I had been waiting patiently for the cue to give the big announcement, you know, the one that would change the world forever (tap their feet)! I'll never forget when I heard that trumpet sound (imitate trumpet playing) to signal us it was time to begin. We filled the sky-(show their best angel pose). We filled the sky with a bright light and startled the shepherds who were sleeping down below.

I was privileged to be the angel who announced the good news. It went something like this: "Good news I bring to you (repeat), news that will fill you with joy (repeat). In Bethlehem town, in a dark cattle shed (repeat), is born a brand-new baby boy (repeat and pretend to hold a baby). This child is the Christ, the Savior of all (repeat). He'll be in a warm bed, wrapped in soft clothes (repeat), this baby so small, with straw to pillow his head (repeat)."

Then the entire sky filled with angels (make star bursts with fingers) singing God's glory and praise. Let's sing "Angels We Have Heard On High" to remember the wonderful news the angels announced that first Christmas.

(Lead everyone in singing "Angels We Have Heard On High.")

Wake Up Shepherds

Shepherd: Wow! Did I have a crazy, unbelievable night! Can I tell you about it? My line of work isn't that eventful-I keep an eye (hold hand to eyes as though looking in the distance) on our family's sheep herd morning, noon, and night. Last night was pretty low-key, so I decided to grab a little shut-eye (demonstrate closing your eyes, laying your head on your hands).

Suddenly, the brightest light I've ever seen woke me from my slumber (make a "surprise" facial expression). Yep, that's exactly how I felt. My shepherd friends all awoke and together we watched this magnificent band of heavenly angels singing (look up) as they delivered the amazing news that a baby, the Savior of the world, had been born. The angels told us he was wrapped in cloth and sleeping in a manger. Then "POOF!" (show a starburst motion with their hands), the angels were gone.

Well, we knew we needed to see this baby, so the other shepherds and I followed a bright star to Bethlehem (pump arms as though you're running). And, sure enough, there in a manger bed lay Jesus, sweet and mild (say "ahhh"). My friends and I fell down and worshipped the newborn king (bow and fold hands).

What a night! I'm so excited I was one of the first people to see baby Jesus. His birth changed the world forever. What a joy-filled night...Let's sing "Joy to the World" in celebration of God's gift to the world-Jesus.

(Lead everyone in singing "Joy to the World.")
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