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Once Upon the Bible

Misty Anne Winzenried

Finding The Gospel In Our Culture

Have you seen a movie lately in which one character gives up his or her very life for the sake of someone else? Do you know a story of complete forgiveness for unforgivable sins? Those are fibers in the tapestry of the gospel. The one doing the forgiving or "saving" in your story might not be the perfect Savior, but the threads of salvation and forgiveness can lead your kids into discussions of what it feels like to be forgiven and what it means to experience salvation. How can we do this?

  • Look for the gospel everywhere. Movies, fairy tales, cartoons, stories, and songs can contain traces of biblical truth that you can use to introduce Bible themes and stories.
  • Tell or show the story. Let kids feel the emotions of the characters, understand the events of the story, and experience the outcome of the actions.
  • Extract the truth. Use discussion and debriefing to help kids discover the core biblical truth in your story.
  • Emphasize the Bible. Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed," not the other way around. The Bible's truth supersedes any fiction, and it's vital that kids understand the difference. Emphasize the verse or passage that your story reinforces. Ask God to use the story to bring kids to a heightened level of spiritual understanding.
  • Have kids look for God's truth in their lives. Kids can identify forgiveness, faith, and kindness. Encourage them to discover God's truth in their lives and share it with their families. The kingdom of God is here, and if we watch for it carefully, we can see God working in our lives and in the lives of others.

Misty Anne Winzenried is a counselor and writing instructor at Seattle Pacific University.

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