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Out-of-State Plates

Topic: What Heaven Is Like

Scriptures You Might Read: Revelation 7:9-17; 22:1-6

The Scene: The back seat of a moving car

The Simple Setup: Place two chairs at center stage to represent a car seat. Both actors may wear casual clothes.

Puppet Options: You could use puppets for both roles. If you want to mix puppets and live actors, cast a child in the role of Sister.

Extra Touches: A simple backdrop showing a car's rear window from the inside would help to identify the setting

The Characters:

Sister: a girl who doesn't think for herself
Brother: a boy with the same problem
(As the skit begins, Sister and Brother are seated next to each other.)

Brother: Sis, this VACATION TRIP is so LONG and BORING! We should have gone to the GRAND CANYON instead!

Sister: How COME?

Brother: Because they have GIANT FROGS that GLOW IN THE DARK and WHISTLE THE SONG from Rugrats!

Sister: REALLY?

Brother: HEY, I saw it on TV!

Sister: Oh. WELL, then, it MUST be true.

Brother: Let's play a GAME.

Sister: What do you want to PLAY?


Sister: TOUCH FOOTBALL? We're riding inthe BACK SEAT of the CAR!

Brother: OK, OK, let's play the LICENSE PLATE GAME.

(Brother and Sister pretend to look out the car windows.)

Brother: I see a license plate from...NEW JERSEY!

Sister: I see a license plate from...OKLAHOMA!

Brother: I see a license plate from...HEAVEN!

Sister: WHAT?

Brother: I see a license plate from HEAVEN!

Sister: WHERE?

Brother: On the YELLOW CAR down the ROAD!

Sister: It's already TOO FAR AWAY! I can't SEE!

Brother: The license pate said "HEAVEN"! REALLY! (Turning toward the "front seat") DAD, you've go to CATCH UP with that YELLOW CAR!

Sister: WOW! What do you suppose a car from HEAVEN is doing HERE?


Sister: How do you KNOW?

Brother: HEY, I saw it on TV.

Sister: Oh. WELL, then it MUST be true.

Brother: Of course, I saw this OTHER TV show where an angel had WINGS and could FLY anywhere he wanted.

Sister: So, does THAT mean...

Brother: (Interrupting) On the OTHER hand, I saw this OTHER TV show where this guy got SENT FROM HEAVEN to do GOOD DEEDS, and HE drove a MOTORCYCLE. So why not a CAR?

Sister: Uh...YEAH. THAT makes sense. (Pauses.) I wonder what heaven is LIKE?

Brother: Hey, EVERYBODY knows THAT! Heaven is full of PEOPLE IN WHITE ROBES sitting around on CLOUDS. They play HARPS, and they have HALOS over their HEADS.

Sister: Did you see that on...

Brother: TV!

Sister: WELL, then it MUST be true. (Pauses.) But is THAT all we get to DO in heaven? Sit around on CLOUDS and play HARPS?

Brother: Are you KIDDING? In HEAVEN you get to do ANYTHING you WANT-eat all the JUNK FOOD you want, play all the VIDEO GAMES you want. It's like DISNEY WORLD but with NO LINES.

Sister: Are you SURE?

Brother: HEY, I saw it ...

Sister: ...on TV?

Brother: No, in a MOVIE!

Sister: Oh. WELL, then it REALLY must be true! (Pauses, looking out her "window.")
I wish there was a way to find out MORE about heaven. Like, if somebody had actually SEEN it and WROTE about it in a BOOK.

Brother: A BOOK? About HEAVEN?

Sister: Yeah.

Brother: A book that tells about GOD, and what he's LIKE, and how to BE with him FOREVER?

Sister: YEAH.

Brother: There's NO SUCH BOOK.

Sister: How do you KNOW?

Brother: I NEVER saw it on TV.

Sister: Oh.

Brother: OR in a MOVIE!

Sister: WELL, then the book MUST not exist.

Brother: BESIDES we've ALREADY got a way to find out all about HEAVEN. We can ask that guy in the YELLOW CAR! (Speaking up to the "front seat") Come ON, Dad! FASTER! We've got to CATCH UP!

Sister: We're almost THERE! (Leans forward to look out the "window.") I can just about read the ... HEY! THAT license plate doesn't say "HEAVEN."

Brother: HUH?

Sister: It says..."HAWAII"!

Brother: HAWAII? (Looks out the "window") Uh...I guess you're RIGHT.

Sister: (Resting back in her seat) Now I'll NEVER know what heaven is like.

Brother: Not unless you find that BOOK about it!

Sister: And THAT'S not going to happen.

Brother: So let's talk about HAWAII instead. I hear they have PINEAPPLES as big as VOLCANOES!

(Brother and Sister pretend to get out of the car. They begin walking off the stage.)

Sister: WHAT?

Brother: HEY, I saw it in a COMIC BOOK!

Sister: Oh. WELL, then it MUST be true!

(Brother and Sister exit the stage.)

To Talk About:

  • Have you wondered what heaven is like? If so, what caused you to start thinking about it?
  • How do people spend their time in heaven? How do you know?
  • Are TV shows and movies good places to learn about heaven? Why or why not?
  • Do you feel "ready" to live in heaven? Does the idea of living that close to God make you nervous, happy, bored, or something else?

Other Topical Tie-Ins:

The Bible's authority
The supernatural

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