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Parent Meeting Plan

Christine Yount Jones

Use this meeting plan to help parents learn to naturally pass on their faith to their children.

1. Tell Me More -- (Before the meeting, write this question where everyone can see it: "What's one way you pass on faith to your children at home?") As parents arrive, have them ask at least three other parents the question you wrote. When you begin your meeting, ask parents to report at least one thing they heard parents say. Encourage parents not to duplicate answers.

Read aloud Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Say: God has entrusted us with the great responsibility of training our children in the ways of God. Sometimes we can be unsure of how to do that. In this training session, we're going to discover that there are many easy "as-we-go" ways to impart faith to our children.

2. A Weighty Matter -- Ask: How many of you understand the concept of gravity? Raise your hand.

Say: Find a partner. The partner with the most red on, explain gravity to your partner in one minute. After one minute, ask: How did it feel to explain gravity? Was it easy or difficult to explain gravity? Explain. Turn to a partner and talk about how this activity is like or unlike explaining your faith to your children.

After three minutes, ask for reports by saying: I'd like to hear what you talked about.

Allow several parents to report their insights.

3. Busy Bees -- (For every group of four parents, write on separate slips of paper "sit down," "walk," "lie down," and "get up." You'll need enough sets for each parent to have one slip. You'll also need a copy of the "Faith-Nurturing Family Activities" article for each parent.)

Give each parent a slip of paper and a copy of the article. Tell parents to find people with the same action and form four different groups. The catch is that they can't speak; they have to perform the actions on their slips of paper.

Once groups are formed, have parents discuss what parts of the day fit these actions from Deuteronomy 6:6-9. For example, "sitting" could be eating or watching TV. In their groups, have parents read the article and discuss which ideas in the article fit into their part of the day. Have them put a check mark by the ideas they choose.

Have parents pair up with someone from a different group and share what they learned as they read the article. Then say: Choose one thing that you can do this week to naturally pass on your faith to our children. Tell that thing to your partner. Then pray for each other.

4. Light Up -- Gather parents in a circle and turn off the lights. Turn on a flashlight and point it at one person in the circle. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the person, saying at least one positive thing about the person's parenting.

Then hand the flashlight to that person and encourage him or her to do the same thing for another person. Continue until everyone has been prayed for. Once everyone has been prayed for, take the flashlight and pray: Dear God, shine your light on us and help us to reflect that light every day to our children. Amen.

(Note: If you're using Group's curriculum books or Hands-On Bible Curriculum, tell parents that they've just experienced the same kind of active and interactive learning that their kids experience.)

Christine Yount Jones

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