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Making Wise Choices

Julie Shaffer and Heather Ward


Here are 4 ways to help explain how God wants us to make wise choices for ourselves.


When children arrive, lead them in a game of Follow the Leader. Then have kids sit on the floor in a circle.

Ask: "What things did we do? Were those right things to do? What are some wrong things to do? Would you follow me if I did something wrong? if I drew on the wall? if I threw toys?"

Say: "It's good that you wouldn't follow me if I did something wrong. God wants us to do the right thing even if other people do wrong things. Today we're going to talk about doing what's right."

(If children say they would follow you and do wrong things, explain that God doesn't want us to do wrong things even if others do. Focus on how it's not always easy to do the right thing, but don't scold the children.)


Paraphrase Proverbs 3:5-6, saying: "God wants us to make good choices. The Bible says to ask God to help you and he will help you make good choices. Let's ask God to help us make good choices as we play."

Have kids pray each line of the following prayer after you : "Dear God, help me choose (pause) to do what's right. Amen."

Have children make choices of which toys to play with. As children play together, affirm their good choices by saying things such as God helped Lanissa choose not to hit Paul, or God helped Luis choose to put away his toys.

After 10 to 15 minutes, lead kids to the craft area of your room.


Have children each make a thumb print with washable tempera paint. Let children choose which colors of paint and posterboard to use.

After the prints are done, have children show their prints. Point out the differences of each print's size, shape and colors.

Say: "God has made each of you special and different. You are big enough to choose what color of paint or paper to use. You can choose to do right things or wrong things too. God wants you to choose to do right things-even if friends want you to do wrong things."


Display a variety of snacks and places to sit. Say: "God helps you choose to do the right thing. Let's choose some good things. "

Show kids the things to choose from and affirm their ability to make good choices.

Close in prayer by having kids repeat each line of the following prayer. "Pray Dear God, as you lead us, help us choose to obey you. Amen. "

Julie Shaffer is a preschool director in Colorado. Heather Ward is a former elementary school teacher in Texas.

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