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Phone Home

Gordon and Becki West

Phone Home

This is a great weekly segment for any preteen group meeting. Have one of your kids phone his or her parent at home and get the parent to say the "word of the day" within 30 seconds. Of course, the preteen isn't allowed to say the actual word, but almost anything else goes.

Have preteens volunteer to call home; don't force anyone to be in the spotlight. And make sure the caller can count on his mom or dad being home. Just before dialing the phone, tell your group what the word of the day is. Make it something crazy and fun, such as "diaper" or "aardvark."

Pipe the phone line through your sound system, hold a microphone up to the phone, or borrow a speaker phone. If the parent successfully says the word of the day, award the preteen something that encourages future participation, such as a coupon for $5 off your next outing or a free camp picture.


Originally published in Children's Ministry Magazine.

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