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Picture Scramble

Since most preschoolers can't read, this picture method helps them memorize a verse more easily.

For each verse, you'll need pictures to represent the parts of the verse. If you use a flannel graph, cut out felt pictures. If not, cut out posterboard pictures you can tape to the wall.

Here are sample verses:

*Ephesians 4:24-"Put on (T-shirt) the new self (heart) created to be like God (head) in true righteousness and holiness (open Bible)."

*2 Peter 3:18-"But grow (tree) in the grace and knowledge (open Bible) of our Lord and Savior (cross) Jesus Christ (head)."

*John 15:12-"Love (heart) each (person) other (person)."

*John 16:27-"The Father himself (head) loves (heart) you (person)."

Put up the entire verse in pictures. Read the verse aloud several times, each time noting the reference and pointing to the pictures. Have children say the verse with you. Then take off one picture and have kids say the verse from memory. Continue removing pictures until children can say the entire verse and reference from memory.

Afterward, scramble the scripture-verse puzzles and let children unscramble them.

Morey Levenson
Bedford Heights, Ohio


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