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Postmarked Prayers


To keep your early-bird kids occupied and prepare their hearts for learning, set up the following prayer center.

Using a large box with a slit cut in the top, create an "Express Mail to God" prayer box. Set the box on a table with blank envelopes, paper, stickers, and crayons. As kids arrive, encourage them to artistically design prayers for themselves, family, or friends using words or pictures. After sealing their prayers in envelopes, have them print their first names where the return address goes and write "To God" in the address spot. Use stickers as stamps, and have kids drop their postmarked prayers in the box.

Let kids know that during the week, you'll take the box to your church leaders or prayer team and have them pray for every letter inside. This is also a great way for you to gauge specific needs for kids in your ministry.

Janet Reeves
Midway, Georgia

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