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Pray for the World with Your Kids

Kids can see a lot of pain and suffering around them, yet they often don't know how to process it, or what they can do to help. Guide kids in this simple activity that encourages a heart of prayer for the world.

What You'll Need:

  • Large world map
  • Red marker
  • Plastic Bandages
  • Pens

IT_Innovative_tools_for_childrens_ministryHave kids form a circle, and place the map in the middle of the circle. As a group, look at the map and briefly talk about places where poverty, war, violence, oppression, or abuse abound. Use a red marker to put a dot on each country or area you mention.

Distribute plastic bandages and pens. Have each child write a prayer for the world on the bandage. Children may write things such as, "God, please help the people in China learn about you." Or, "Jesus, help take away the war in Africa."

Have children take turns praying and then sticking on their bandages. Then join hands around the map and say this prayer:

"Dear God, we know we live in a broken world. But we also know that Jesus is the light of the world. Please heal the people who experience pain and suffering. Help those who are suffering to know that Jesus gives us all life in heaven. In Jesus' name, amen."

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Age Level: Elementary

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