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Real Men Do Teach!

Gordon West

5. We provide men with strong leadership.

A capable leader-whether male or female-is very likely to have male volunteers who want to follow. But a poor leader scares men away. Women who serve under weak leaders will often step forward and help the leader be successful. But when a man is asked to follow a poor leader, he often chooses to avoid inevitable conflict by leaving the ministry. To attract and keep men, we must guarantee them an efficient ministry experience.

6. We give men ownership.

Once we get a man involved in ministry, we must keep him involved. For a man to remain, the ministry must become his. To do this, we show trust and respect by including him in the goal-setting process and ministry evaluation.

Gordon and Becki West are co-founders of KidZ KaN Make a Difference and KidZ at Heart International (


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Take this quiz to see if your recruiting invites or repels men.

  1. Do you ask men to perform roles traditionally filled by women?
  2. Do you appeal to the conqueror in men by communicating that children's ministry is a mission worthy of their time and efforts?
  3. Do men recruit other men to join your children's ministry?
  4. Does your printed correspondence have bright colors and bold images rather than pastels and feminine images?
  5. From the pulpit, do you refer to teachers as "he" as often as you refer to them as "she"?
  6. Do you encourage couples to minister together?
  7. Do you provide female teachers in classrooms with all male teachers?
  8. Is your ministry well-organized to impress and captivate busy men?
  9. In your training, do you carefully weed out demeaning jokes or references to men's weaknesses?
  10. Do you give men decision-making power in their ministries?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you're on your way to a more balanced volunteer staff. If not, remedy areas where you answered no so men will want to be part of your team.

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