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Ring Out

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Collect several bells such as a jingle bell, cow bell, alarm clock bell, and doorbell. You'll need at least four different bells and a box large enough to conceal them.

Say: Whenever you hear a bell, it has a message for you. I have some bells to ring for you. Let's see if you can remember and act out their messages. Ring each bell and demonstrate the matching action:

Alarm clock -- Say, "Wake up!" as you yawn and stretch.

Doorbell -- Say, "Time for school" as you stand with your hand on your heart, ready to say the pledge of allegiance.

Cowbell -- Say, "Come and eat dinner" as you pretend to spoon food into your mouth.

Jingle bell -- Say, "Get ready to listen" as you sit quietly and fold your hands. Hide the bells in the box, and ring them one at a time. Have the children try to recognize and act out each bell's message. Ask children if they can think of other kinds of bells and what the ringing of those bells means.

Say: There's a special bell called the Liberty Bell. It was rung on July 8, 1776 to announce the adoption of the Declaration of Independence-our country's statement of freedom. It's now an important symbol of the liberty or freedom we have in our country.

End by ringing the jingle bell so children will be ready to listen for your next activity.

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