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7 all-new, all-fun ideas for summer faith growth.

Crawl under a prickly bush, climb a camouflaged tree, wade in a crisp early-summer stream. No child can resist exploring the bounty of God's fantastic creation -- especially during summer when the air's warm, the days are long, and there's plenty of free time.

Kids love to explore, experiment, and discover. They love challenges and adventures. And when a child makes a new discovery -- oh, the celebration! To explore and discover is truly rewarding -- especially when kids are focused on their faith. Boost kids' sense of awe with these ideas that'll spur kids to experience and rediscover our amazing God this summer.


Cloudy Creatures

Kids can use their imagination to find the animals aboard Noah's ark and discover that God takes care of every living thing.

Best for: Preschool

Stuff: Blankets, lists of animals, and a Bible.

What to do: Take kids outdoors on a partly cloudy day to gaze at the sky-and find the animals aboard Noah's ark. Form pairs so kids share a blanket and animal list. Challenge kids to find the animals on their list in the clouds. Walk around so kids can point out and describe the animals they see.

Read aloud Genesis 7. Afterward, talk about how God took care of Noah, his family, and the animals during the flood. Remind kids when they look at the clouds in the sky to remember how God cared for the animals during the flood and how he cares for each of them every day.

Douglas Rose
Grand Prairie, Texas


Follow Me

Help kids trust even when it's difficult to see where they're going.

Best for: Elementary

Stuff: A bandana for each child and a Bible.

What to do: Give each child a bandana. Form a human chain by having each child hold one end of a bandana. You're the leader.

Before you begin, caution kids about going too fast so no one falls. Lead kids around, turning frequently so kids can't always see where they're going.

Afterward, ask: How did it feel to be led? How did it feel to not know where you were going? How easy or difficult is it to follow God when you don't know where he's going? What helped you trust me? What can help you trust God?

Read aloud Isaiah 42:16. Say: Even though we can't always see where God's leading us, we can trust him to watch over and protect us.

Diane Thom
Maple Valley, Washington


Bandana Bondage

Use this experience to help kids realize how sin becomes a burden to carry. This is great to use at camps, or adapt it for your regular summer classes.

Best for: Elementary and preteen

Stuff: Different-colored bandanas and a Bible.

What to do: On the first day of camp, designate a bandana color for each cabin or small group. Give each child a bandana to wear around his or her head, wrist, or ankle where it can be seen. The catch is that kids can't remove their bandanas during the week. They must remain in place for all activities -- including sleep, swimming, and showering.

As the week goes on, kids will undoubtedly complain about having to wear the bandanas. On the last night of camp, ask: How easy is it to get caught up in sinful behavior? Do you feel guilty when you know you've sinned? How does that guilt affect you?

Let kids remove their bandanas. Ask: How is removing your bandana like or unlike God's forgiveness?

Read aloud 1 John 1:9. Say: When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, he takes our burden of guilt.

Close in prayer, thanking God for forgiveness, giving us freedom from our sins.

Janet Magee
Port Isabel, Texas

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