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Serve One Another | The Easter Path

Carmen Kamrath


Theme: Dining Room


A table set for dinner, bread or crackers, grapes or grape juice, washbasins, water, liquid soap, towels, and a Bible

The Scene: Place a table in the center of the room or station area. Set the table for dinner with linens, place settings, covered serving dishes, and candles. Place washbasins filled halfway with water in each corner of the room. Put liquid soap and towels next to each basin.

Gather families around the dinner table.

Ask: What's your favorite meal? Explain. Who usually prepares and serves meals in your family? What other roles do family members have in meal time preparation or cleanup? Explain.

Say: During Jesus' last week on Earth, he shared a meal with his disciples. This meal is often called the Last Supper. Before they ate, Jesus served his friends in a unique way. Listen.

Have the youngest person in each family serve his or her family members the food as you read aloud John 13:1-15.

Afterward, say: Jesus washed his disciples' feet to give them an example of how to serve others. In a moment I'll ask you to serve each other in a unique way. As you leave the table, gather your family around one of the washbasins. Take turns washing each other's hands with soap and water in the basin. While you wash a family member's hands, tell that person something you appreciate about him or her and why. When everyone's hands are washed, move to the next station.

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