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Single Parent Ministry Ideas

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Here are ideas to get you started reaching out to single parents:

  • Ask single parents what their needs are (time away from the kids, finances) and help meet those needs.
  • Form a committee with key single parents. Empower single parents to make the ministry what they need it to be-let them "own" the ministry.
  • Pray for single parents -- ask God to give them strength and encouragement.
  • Encourage families and couples to welcome single parents into their homes.
  • Start a support group.
  • Don't overburden singles. They often get too involved without getting their needs met.
  • Have a parents night out. (Singles, like married people, need time for themselves.)
  • Offer an active singles life separate from the Sunday school class. And when planning social events, don't place the emphasis on couples.
  • Provide baby-sitting because finances are tough for most single parents.
  • Set up a fund where single parents (and other church members) can get a loan. Help with financial hardships.
  • Consider organizing an old-fashioned co-op where single parents (and other church members) can exchange services without money. People with expertise in sewing, bookkeeping, mechanical work, and so on can participate.




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