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Snack: Pools of Fish

Ingredients: Blue Jell-O gelatin, boiling water, cool water, gummy sharks, clear plastic cups, a mixing bowl, and a mixing spoon.

Combine the gelatin and boiling water in the mixing bowl, following the directions on the package. You'll need enough gelatin for each child to have ½ cup. Add cool water, and then pour equal amounts into the clear cups.

Refrigerate the cups until the gelatin begins to thicken. Suspend gummy sharks in the middle of the gelatin cups, and then place the cups back in the refrigerator until the gelatin is set.

Bible Connections: Creation, Genesis 1:20-23; Jonah and the Fish, Jonah 1-2; Follow Me, Mark 1:14-20; Catching Fish, John 21:1-14.

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