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Take On the World


16 Inspiring ways for kids to live out Acts 1:8 as they minister to other kids -- next door or a world away.

If you've worked with kids, you know that boundaries and borders aren't barriers for them. Children have the amazing ability to overcome obstacles when it comes to ministering to fellow children -- whether they're in need next door or across the globe. Challenge the kids in your ministry to take on the world while they make a big difference in other kids' lives -- near and far.

Close to Home

Some needs are as close as the Sunday school room next door. Here are ideas kids can use to make a difference within your church walls.


Being brand new to church can be intimidating -- especially for kids. As families walk into your church, adults are almost always there to shake hands and greet other adults, but kids are often bypassed or overlooked. So train your kids specifically to connect with other kids.

Preparing: Have your kids set up a welcome table in your church's entry that's colorfully decorated with images from recent children's ministry events, small group and class names, and your ministry's logo and tagline. Provide printed, kid-friendly information about your ministry for distribution; and prep kids with friendly conversation starters such as, "What's your school like?" or, "What's your favorite TV show?"

Sharing: Each week, have two or three kids rotate serving at the connection point, where their job is to greet all kids who come in-whether regulars or visitors. Teach kids to greet those they know by name and approach those they don't with a smile. Encourage greeters to ask other kids their names and to introduce themselves. Greeters can give visiting kids a small gift from your ministry, such as a zipper pull or button (which can also be a great visual signal to your ministry team that you have a guest) and then walk with kids and their families to the appropriate ministry area.

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