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Stay Afloat


Explore why objects float-and how faith makes the impossible possible.

Bible Connect:
Matthew 17:14-20

Best for: Ages 6 to 12

Stuff Per Group:
Two glass pint jars, an egg, a spoon, 4 ounces of salt, small objects, and water.

The Experiment: Ask: Do you think a single ingredient, such as salt, can totally change a situation?

Fill one jar with water and carefully place an egg in the water. What happens? Fill a second jar with water and mix in 4 ounces of salt to simulate the salt concentration in the Dead Sea. Ask kids to hypothesize about whether the egg will float in the second jar. Remove the egg from the first jar and place it in the salt water. Then experiment with other objects, placing some in tap water and some in salt water to see what floats in each. Carefully retrieve the eggs so they're not wasted.

Scientific Facts: Salt water weighs more than tap water because it's more dense. An egg floats in salt water because the water weighs more than the egg. The Dead Sea is almost 10 times as salty as the world's oceans, with salt content at 26 to 35 percent.

Talk About It: Ask: Was your guess correct? What differences did you observe when you placed the objects in the salt water and tap water? Before this experiment, did you think it was possible for an egg to float in water? Why or why not? Read the Scripture. How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus said faith could move a mountain? When have you had to have faith in something that seemed impossible?

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