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The Bible Comes Alive

As the Living Word of God, the Bible deserves a special place in our hearts, minds, and lives. These Bible activities provide 9 opportunities to teach kids the importance of the Bible.

  1. Put the Bible in a lined basket so it can be easily carried.
  2. Put the Bible in a small suitcase or cosmetic bag to emphasize that the Bible is to take with us wherever we go.
  3. Find a special drawer or shelf where the Bible can stay open instead of shelved as other books are.
  4. Put a new Bible or Bible storybook in a gift-wrapped box, and let children open it. Talk about how the Bible is a special gift, not just for one of us, but for all of us. Spark interest in an old Bible or Bible storybook by wrapping a pretty ribbon and bow around it.
  5. Have children build a Bible bookstand from blocks. Because the Bible is special, leave the bookstand up.
  6. Make a treasure chest out of a foam ice chest. Spray paint it gold, add jewels, and then put the Bible inside because the Bible is a great treasure.
  7. Use a map as a table cover. Put the Bible on top of it, and talk about how the Bible gives us directions for our lives.
  8. Put the Bible in the center of a bowl filled with real or plastic fruit. Talk about how the Bible gives us healthy fuel for our spiritual lives just as fruit gives our bodies healthy fuel to move and grow.
  9. Have kids make their own special boxes to keep their Bibles in at home.
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