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The Caring Checklist

Lauren Foster

There's a lot to do to prepare for a Sunday morning in the nursery. To send the message of God's care for the "least of these," you need everything in place before the first child steps into your area. Use this checklist to get ready for kids to arrive.

Clean Up

Parents want to see that your rooms are clean and organized. This sends the message that their kids are your priority.

  • Use Clorox® Anywhere Spray on hard toys.
  • Use disinfecting wipes to sanitize surfaces such as diaper-changing tables and countertops.
  • Use Lysol® disinfectant spray on areas such as door and cabinet knobs, toy chests, or shelves.

Stock Up
Ensure your room is inviting to children and showers them with the welcoming love of Jesus.

  • Set out toys so children can immediately sit and play.
  • Have supplies for crafts or games ready.
  • Make sample crafts ahead of time.

Read Up
Nursery ministry is never just babysitting-it's a foundational time for kids to learn about God. Before Sunday, take time to prepare for the lesson.

  • Read the curriculum, and make notes of what you need to do to prepare.
  • Pray for each child to soak up God's love.
  • Pray for God to transform your heart as you serve his children.
  • Practice a "welcome song" that mentions Jesus for toddlers to sing every week.
  • Use a variety of teaching methods so kids get to actively explore.
  • Think of ways you can informally remind kids of the lesson through play.

Hang Up
You're bound to have specific things to do for preparation and clean-up, such as managing pagers, preparing the check-in system, emptying trash, and picking up stray toys. Hang a checklist by the door to each room so volunteers can adhere to procedures.


Nursery Set-Up Checklist

 Ensure rooms are clean and toys are accessible.

  • Review curriculum, set out any supplies you need.
  • Check pagers and place them in an accessible location.
  • Place nametags and markers by check-in station.
  • Place snack boxes on counters in each room.
  • Post allergy-alert sign with the day's snack.
  • Prepare for snack/beverage needs.
  • Plug in bottle warmers.
  • Pray for kids with other leaders. 

Nursery Clean-Up Checklist

  • Sanitize and neatly put away toys, categorizing so all blocks are together, animals are together, kitchen items are together, and so on.
  • Empty trashcans.
  • Put away leftover curriculum and supplies.
  • Put leftover snacks and pitchers in the supply closet.
  • Turn off pager system.
  • Place dirty laundry in bin.
  • Put clean sheets on cribs as needed.
  • Unplug bottle warmers.
  • Turn off swings, music player, and other electronics.
  • SprayClorox Everywhere Sprayand let dry on hard toys.
  • UseClorox Wipesto sanitize surfaces such as diaper-changing tables and countertops.
  • Use non-toxic disenfectant for areas such as door and cabinet knobs, toy chests, or shelves.


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