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The Paralytic

It clearly takes a great deal of prayer and cooperation to reach a community for Christ. This unique object lesson helps kids recognize the importance of working together.

Have kids practice their cooperation skills as well as discover what it might've been like to seek Jesus' healing with this challenging activity. You'll need a large cardboard box with a 5-inch round hole cut in the center bottom, a tennis ball for each group of four, a 20-inch piece of yarn for each child, a Bible, and an activity area.

Place the box upside down on the floor with the hole facing the ceiling. Then have children form groups of four. Give each group a tennis ball and give each child a piece of yarn. Have groups sit 20 feet from the cardboard box.

Say: I have a challenge for you. In your groups, I'd like you to come up with a way to transport your tennis ball to the box and drop it through the hole. The rule is that you can't touch the ball with your hands, and you must all carry it together. You have five minutes to make a plan.

Don't designate group leaders, and allow the children to work out on their own how they'll achieve the goal. If disagreements arise, try to stay out of it. After five minutes, give each group a chance to complete the task.

Then have kids reflect on their experience working together. Ask: Was this task easy or difficult? Why? What difficulties did you encounter? Was it easy or difficult to work in a group? Explain. Would it have been easier or more difficult to work alone?

Read aloud Mark 2:1-5. Ask: How would you have felt if you'd been the man whose friends lowered him down to see Jesus? How does what those men did compare to our activity today? What do the men's actions say about their love for their friend? about their faith in Jesus?

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