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The Path

Laycie Costigan


This experience helps kids understand how difficult life can be without God.

Best for: Ages 6 to 12

Gear: A large indoor or outdoor area; blindfolds; and various obstacle course items such as chairs, boxes, or tables

Scripture: Psalm 121

Camp Challenge: Create an obstacle course using large objects to form various twists, turns, and challenges. Read aloud the Scripture. Then have kids form pairs, with one partner wearing a blindfold. Instruct the other partner to help the blindfolded partner through the obstacle course using only simple, nonverbal cues, such as tapping on the person's left shoulder to signal a left turn or tapping on his or her knees to signal crawling. (Kids can't simply physically lead one another through the course). Once through the course, have partners switch roles. Then reconfigure the obstacle course and play again.

Buddy Up: Have kids form pairs to discuss the experience. Ask: What was it like for you to go through the obstacle course? Read aloud the Scripture again. Ask: What does this Scripture tell us about God? Find something in this passage that helps explain walking through the maze blindfolded. What's a past or present "maze" in your life? How has God helped you find your way in a difficult situation?

Close in prayer, asking God to help kids see more clearly and rely on him in difficult situations.

Excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine.


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