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Heed the wisdom found in the Bible and throw away discouragment and your concerns with this fun game and help kids understand God's wisdom by having a fun-filled paper fight.

Help kids understand wisdom by having a paper fight with their written concerns. You'll need a Bible, paper, pencils, masking tape, and a large trash can.

Have kids take several sheets of paper each. Say to the kids, "In this game, we start by writing one thing you're concerned about on each sheet of paper. You might write 'grades,' 'family,' or 'friends'-anything that upsets or discourages you. Don't put your name on your paper. This is strictly between you and God, and we're going to learn His wisdom in dealing with our concerns."

When each of the kids has written at least three to five things, have them wad their papers. Then form two equal teams of kids and have the teams face each other on opposite sides of the room. Use masking tape to create a dividing line on the floor between the teams.

Say to the kids, "On 'go,' throw all your concerns onto the other team's side while trying to keep the other team's concerns off your side. The object of the game is to get as many concerns as possible on the other team's side in one minute. Go!"

When the time is up, put a large trash can in the middle of the room. Say to the kids, "This time, you'll have 30 seconds to work together to get all the concerns into the trash can. Go!"

After the game, have a child read aloud 1 Peter 5:7, a verse helping us have wisdom in dealing with our concerns. Then ask, "Was the way you treated your concerns in this game like or unlike the way kids really treat their concerns? Explain. How does God give you wisdom? How does that wisdom and working together help with concerns?"

These games are adapted from The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry (Group Publishing, Inc.).


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