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Tightrope Toss

Children's Ministry Magazine

A death-defying activity that will challenge kids to find balance in their lives--and their spiritual walk.

Object of the Game: Walk the "tightrope" while tossing and catching balls.

Group Size: 6 or Bible more
Best for Grades: K-6
Playing Time: 10 minutes
Energy Level: Medium
Items Needed: Foam ball, playground ball, and masking tape

Directions: Create a 5-foot square "tightrope" on the floor using masking tape. If you have six to eight kids, make a triangular tightrope. Direct kids to line up around the tightrope. (Be sure there are kids on each side of the tightrope.) Hand two children the balls.

Inside Tip

Older kids may enjoy walking the tightrope in pairs. Have partners hook arms and walk sideways around the tightrope.

Say: In this death-defying circus act, you must walk the wobbly tightrope as you toss the balls to each other! If you drop a ball or step off the tightrope, come sit in the center. Center people may call out directions such as "hop," "change directions," or "walk backward." Tightrope walkers must follow those directions. We'll play until there are only two tightrope walkers left.

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