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Web Exclusives January February 2012

In each issue of Children's Ministry Magazine we offer exclusive extra content, ideas, and downloadables found only at as a benefit to our readers. Use these Web Exclusives to help you as you minister to children and their families.


  1. Download pictures of Zacchaeus
    - from Put Zacchaeus in the Tree
  2. Download Pharaoh clipart
    - from Fly Frenzy
  3. Great games designed to complement your lesson
    - from Games That Teach
    Shoe Enough
    Don't Spill the Beans
    Blanket Volleyball
  4. Download World map
    - from Prayers for the World
  5. Children's Ministry Impact on Your Church Survey
    - from Children's Ministry Impact on Your Church
  6. Resources that debunk the 90 percent dropout rate:
    A Bridge Over Troubled Water
    The 4 Percent Panic-Attack
    Busting The Drop Out Myth
    -from Debunking the Dropout Myth
  7. Suggested age requirements for teenage volunteers - from Stop Using Teens in Kidmin
    Minimum Grade Guidelines By Ministry Area
    Nursery: 9th grade
    Preschool: 6th grade
    1st to 3rd grade: 8th grade
    4th to 5th grade: 9thgrade

    Grade Level Privileges and Restrictions

    Grades 6 to 7 may serve in the preschool area with children no younger than walkers.

    Grade 8 may serve in the preschool with children no younger than walkers and in 1st through 3rd grades. Teenagers may sit on the floor and play with the children, but may not pick up or hold children.

    Grades 9 through 12 may serve with children in all areas.

  8. See Jake in action
    - from Stop Using Teens in Kidmin
  9. Free excerpt from The Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry
    - from Tough Talks With Parents
  10. Read "The Wounded Student"
    -from Peel Off Kids' Labels
  11. Use this devotion on labels with your volunteers:
    -from Peel Off Kids' Labels
  12. Helpful way to talk to a child as well as actual guidelines for conducting a funeral for a child.
    - from A Guide to Kids' GriefSubscribetoday


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