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Who's Got The Ball?

This fun variation of the game "tag" is a great way to energize your children's ministry kids and help them learn the importance of good sportsmanship.

Form two equal teams for this game, and divide the playing area in half. Give each team a different side of the game area. Designate a part of each end of the game area as the "Fun Zone."

Gather one team in a tight circle so the other team can't see what's happening, and hand one of the children a small ball, such as a whiffle ball, that can be fully enclosed in a child's hands. Have the child hide the ball in his/her hands, and have the other children hold their hands in a similar way so the other team's members won't know who has the ball. On "go," the children from the circle must run toward the other team's Fun Zone. The object of the game is for the child with the ball to make it to the other team's Fun Zone without being tagged.

During the game, if a child is tagged by someone from the other team on the opposing side of the field, he must open his hands. If the child with the ball is tagged, the ball is given to the other team. If the child with the ball makes it to the Fun Zone, his team gets to keep the ball and play again. Play the game until both teams have a chance to hide the ball.

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