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Zacchaeus: Grades 1 and 2

Setting: For this Bible lesson about Zacchaeus, from brown posterboard, cut out a 3-foot-tall tree trunk. Use a marker to draw vertical lines of bark. Tape the trunk to the wall. Then tape inflated green balloons to the top of the tree for leaves. Sit at the foot of the sycamore tree during the lesson.

Bible Activity: Out on a Limb-Tell the children you have something special to show them. As you talk about your special object, make it difficult for them to see it by holding it up too high or turning your back to them. Afterward, *ask: How did you feel when you couldn't see my object? What did you do to try to see it?

Read aloud Luke 19:1-10.

Ask: Why do you think Jesus noticed Zacchaeus? Why did Zacchaeus invite Jesus to his house?

Encourage children to tell about times they've felt left out. Then pray for children to experience Jesus' love and acceptance.

Craft: Treed-Give children brown construction paper, cotton balls, glue and green markers to make sycamore trees. Have children color their cotton balls green and glue them to the paper.

Say:Every time you see this tree, remember that even if you feel left out, Jesus always loves and accepts you.

Snack: You'll need: bread sticks, marshmallows, pretzel sticks and gumdrops.

Directions: Have children each poke a bread stick into a marshmallow, but not through it. Have them poke several pretzel sticks into the marshmallow. Then have them press gumdrops onto the ends of their pretzel sticks. They'll have a Zacchaeus tree to enjoy eating.

Created for GRADES 1 AND 2

Contributors: Patti Chromey, Kathy Downs, Nancy Dunn and Cindy Newell


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