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Apples to Oranges?

Family ministry is a big topic of discussion around here these days--as I'm sure it is everywhere in children's ministry!

In one particular meeting, someone lamented "why can't our Christian parents be as motivated as soccer parents?" You know the line of thinking. And I've said the very same thing! But this time, it made me wonder--are we comparing apples to oranges? Are we really talking about the same set of parents?

I'm a soccer mom to one of my three children--because she's an amazing soccer goalie and is intrinsically motivated to play. She plays on a traveling team so our family gets her to and from practices and games. We pay the big money. And we even travel to overnight games sometimes. But is it fair to compare that with ALL the parents who  bring their kids to our churches? Not every parent does this with soccer. I'd say there are "elite" soccer, ballet, piano, karate parents, etc. And, in the same vein, aren't there "elite" church parents? You know the ones: They come to every program, volunteer willingly, get involved in the Christmas production, and more. Let's compare those "elite" church parents with the "elite" sports parents. Then we'll genuinely be comparing apples to apples.

And with the other parents--you know, the regular ones who don't do all that--maybe we can have a different, more gracious approach to what they're willing and able to do. And maybe we'll really understand what these parents need from us. What do you think?

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