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Conspire Conference

Ray and I are sitting at OHare, watching flights get cancelled and delayed...and people having meltdowns. Seriously, people? Is exclaiming Christ's name and obscenities appropriate in front of small children?

We've lost our way. As a culture.

But being at Conspire strengthened my conviction that the church--filled with the most amazing children's ministers who are visionary and committed and servant-hearted--has not lost its way.

Some at the conference say our teenagers are "graduating from God." Studies and statistics prove it, they say. And it just makes me wonder, 'What generation hasn't believed that our teenagers were going to hell in a handbasket'? Stats and studies actually differ on this issue.

A case in point: Check out this article "Busting the Drop-Out Myth" from Group Magazine: It'll make you shudder the next time you hear stats and studies bandied around.

So, Chicken Little, is the sky falling? Are Christian families failing? Is the church failing Christian families? Is God no longer on his throne? Are we as pathetic and ineffective as the stats would say we are?

What do you think? Are you reaching families? Are kids coming regularly? Are faith discussions happening at least once a week at home? Are adults growing in their relationship with Christ--so they're more able to share their faith and model it for their children? Don't let the big bad wolf of statistics rob you of seeing what's in front of you. How is God using you to make a difference in this generation of children and families? That's the real truth you need to walk in.

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