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How2 Rockin' Conference

Wow! Has it really been since Nov. 8 that I've blogged! It's been crazy wild around here, trying to get everything done for the How2 Conference. But now that it's done, maybe we should've called it the Wow2 Conference!!! It's amazing!

There are several things I like best about it--and that you won't want to miss.

1. Bring your LEADERSHIP team. This is high-level strategic stuff that you'll want to share with your entire team. (And there are so many benefits to your leadership team spending time together overnight and in the car and at the conference. It's team-building at its best!)

2. It's PRACTICAL--on steroids. Not only do you experience each session and workshop, but we're walking you through a step-by-step strategy in each session and workshop that gives you a workable plan when you walk out the door. So cool! It's building block upon building block!

3. It's REVOLUTIONARY. We're giving you EVERYTHING we use--leader transcripts, Power Point, videos, blank you can experience the training (which is how Jesus did it...experience, then do) then go home and lead the training with your team.

So....whew! Now that the How2 Conference is a Wow2...Now2 get back to everything else I need to do. I really hope you guys make it a priority to come to the conference in your area. Check it out at

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