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The Breakfast of Champions

My title at Group cracks me up--I'm the "Children's Ministry Champion." (Whenever I have to introduce myself as the "champion," I always want to thrust my hand in the air and pretend to do a trumpet call--du-du-du-du!) It's a bit embarrassing. Every time I go into my kids' orthodontist, he says, "Now there's the champion!" in sufficient mocking tone. (It's embarrassing.)

But once I can get beyond the embarrasing title, I love what it means. It means that I "champion" the cause of children, parents, and children's ministers in our company. I get to be involved in the research and development side of every new resource. We ask questions like: What would really serve children's ministers today? What would make kids fall in love with Jesus for a lifetime? What would make learning about God the best thing a kid does each week? How can we truly come alongside parents in our resources so that faith becomes a conversation at home? (It's pretty fun!)

And, then I get to be involved in the quality control side of things. I get to stamp a lot of approval on great resources, great lessons, great articles, and more. And, every now and then, I ask these questions: Why are there so many supplies? Why can't this be easier? Would kids find that question a bit lame? (It's not so fun.) But in the process, we cull out the things that don't serve children, parents, and children's ministers all too well...and we create great resources that meet real needs.

So, that's what a champion does at Group. And, I'm always eager to hear from children, parents, and children's ministers about problems we can solve and ways we can better serve. Hopefully, and eventually, that's what this blog will become--a listening post to serve you better. Let me know what you think we need to know!

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