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Safety Continues to Be a BIG Issue

Kidscreen reports that Toys 'R' Us has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to strengthen the toy store's safety outreach. The program will focus on giving parents and caregivers information to keep kids safe during playtime, and it's focused on five key areas: Summer Safety, Baby Safety, Halloween Safety, Holiday Toy Safety and Travel Safety. Look for materials in the mail and in-store signage.The safety tips will also be available year-round on

So what's this mean for children's ministry? Basically, that safety continues to be one of the top-of-mind trends on parents' minds. And since I know that children's ministers are the most safety-conscious people in the church building, the real issue is "do parents know that?"

How can you ensure that parents are up to speed with the amazing things you're doing to keep kids safe physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally? Just like Toys 'R' Us, you may want to take advantage of printed materials and signage in your ministry area. Let parents know that their kids are safe in your care!

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