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Green! Green! Green!

It's close to St. Patrick's Day. Is anyone else seeing green? Well, if you're not, you're not looking closely enough. Look how our culture has gone green with environmental issues. It's all pervasive.

And no matter what shade of green you are--lime green or emerald green--you have to admit that the environmentalists got it right when they started their movement through children.

Who among us hasn't been corrected by our children--"Don't throw that away! It's recyclable!" "Turn off the water when you brush your teeth." And so on...

What can we learn from these wise-beyond-their-compost-piles environmentalists that would help us get kids to take faith home? To start conversations? To ask questions? To in essence lead their families?

I have a hunch it's more than using "take-home" papers.

Are we helping children at church understand what it means to be a Christ-follower in the context of family? Are we giving them the language they need to ask the questions? What would our strategy look like if we truly understood--like the environmentalists--that "a child shall lead them"?

These are my questions. Anyone have thoughts?

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