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Millennials Serving

As I'm preparing for my Point Leader Summit workshop at the Conspire Conference (Willow Creek--April 23-25), I'm intrigued by how the prognosticators of generations nailed it with Millennials.

For years, I've been studying what the experts say about Millennials (born 1982-2002) and it's amazing to see that they were right! (Gives me great confidence in what they're saying about Futuristics--born from 2002 on, too.)

One key factor of Millennials is that they want to change the world together. Did you know that U.S. schoolchildren raised more than $10 million for Katrina relief--more than most corporate giants? And Group's Operation Kid2Kid outreach is the largest kid-to-kid outreach in the world? Hundreds of thousands of children give to children around the world. It's very cool!

How have you seen the truth of Millennials having a heart for service in your community and/or church?

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