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Innate Compassion in Children

Yesterday in our 2-year-old class, I saw two amazing examples of love and compassion.

Devin was having difficulty leaving Mom when Abby and her mom arrived. The mothers talked and registered the children, and Abby saw that Devin was struggling. She patted his arm and said, "Devin, do you want to be my friend?" over and over. That softened him up and he did come in without any tears. And Abby stayed with him to play puzzles, hear the Bible story, eat snack, and more! In the Bible story of Jesus loving the children, I said each child's name, "And Jesus loves Abby," "And Jesus loves Daisy,"... and on and on. Afraid that I was going to leave Devin out, Abby called out "And Devin!" She was definitely a good friend to him! And I told her so. "Abby, you were so kind to Devin. Thank you for being a good friend." She smiled!

Then at the beginning of class as well, we'd encouraged two hesitant girls, Hannah and Ryann, to come on into the classroom and see if they could find the bunnies outside our window (we have a lot of wild bunnies out there). While at the window, Kolin must've sensed something because he turned to one of them and gently patted her on the arm.

How cool is that! To me, that's watching little ones made in the image of God show love, compassion, and empathy. These little ones never cease to amaze me!

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